Frequently Asked Questions

“I’ve always bought my insurance “locally.” What’s it like having my agent hundreds of miles away?”

Almost all of our work is done via phone and email with you. Our customers tell us that our response time is outstanding. The insurance companies we use in our program are all national carriers with local presence in most major cities throughout the U.S. We have relationships with these carriers to ensure that you get the very best service in your area.

“How do I handle claims?”

All of your claims are now reported directly to the insurance carrier via a toll-free “800” phone number. However, we track and help manage your claims from our office.

“What do I tell my current agent?”

Nothing but the truth. That you got a better program from an agent who comes highly recommended by other salon owners and is endorsed by two major salon associations, and that you are not interested in them trying to match our work. If this new arrangement doesn’t work out, they will be your first call.

“I’m afraid of getting a “good deal” for one year and then getting a huge increase next year.”

No one has a crystal ball to predict what rates will do next year. However, look at our retention rate for this program: Since 1996, a whopping 98%! If the “good deal” didn’t last, salon owners would just go back to their prior agents. Obviously, that hasn’t happened.

“What about coverage? I do massage; do I have to have a separate policy for that?”

No. Massage and other professional liability is covered under our standard policy.

“My question still isn’t answered.”

Then please fill out the form below and ask us your question. We are happy to hear from you, and you will receive a personal reply promptly.